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Maveropepimut-S: Our Lead Candidate To Tackle Hard-To-Treat Cancers

Maveropepimut-S: Our Lead Candidate To Tackle Hard-To-Treat Cancers

Maveropepimut-S (DPX-Survivac) is a T cell activating immunotherapy that combines the power of our propriety DPX Platform with cancer antigen survivin. Maveropepimut-S is the lead clinical candidate in IMV’s new class of immunotherapies that generates targeted T cells in vivo. By activating survivin-specific killer T cells, Maveropepimut-S promotes the destruction of cancer cells and disrupt the fundamental processes of cancer cell production and survival.

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DPX-Based Vaccines to Fight Against Infectious Diseases

DPX-RSV is a small B cell epitope peptide vaccine designed specifically to address the unmet medical needs in respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).


Our response to the COVID-19 outbreak

IMV Inc. is developing a vaccine against the SARS-CoV2 based on its unique DPX platform that activates sustained B and T cells responses, even in older or immunocompromised adults. Fully synthetic, DPX-COVID-19 offers the potential for accelerated development and rapid, large-scale production.