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Educating Patients’ Immune System Against Cancer

At IMV, we are a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing a novel class of cancer vaccines based on DPX®, our immune-educating technology platform. DPX is designed to inform a specific, coordinated and persistent anti-tumor immune response, improving the lives of patients with solid or hematological cancers.

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Our DPX Delivery Platform

Delivering on The Promise of Cancer Vaccines

DPX® is a novel delivery technology that, we believe, can realize the promise of cancer vaccines. DPX drives a targeted and persistent immune response that mimics the natural flow of antigens through the immune system. DPX can package a wide range of bioactive molecules in a single formulation, to incite the tumor-killing function of multiple, distinct immune cell subtypes.

By trafficking therapeutic targets directly to the lymph node via distinct immune cells, we mirror the way the human immune system coordinates an immune response to cancer. This differentiated mechanism of action creates a durable and persistent reignition of targeted tumor killing by the patient’s own immune system.

Our DPX technology is being developed for application in a variety of therapeutic areas where the generation of a target-specific immune response may mitigate and destroy disease. We believe the DPX technology can deliver where historical cancer vaccines have failed.

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Pushing the Boundaries of Immunotherapy

One Delivery Platform, Limitless Possibilities

The unique versatility of our DPX platform allows packaging and delivery of a wide variety of immune-educating cargo, for example peptides, whole proteins, RNA, DNA, small molecules, and virus-like particles, to enable the development of novel immuno-therapeutics. Our lead DPX-enabled asset, MVP-S, represent the clinical validation of the potential of the DPX delivery platform to generate a durable and targeted immune response with limited adverse events.

We aim at replicating the MVP-S story with other bioactive molecules (peptides, proteins, mRNA, DNA, etc.); and we are actively seeking collaboration opportunities to potentially create DPX-enabled cancer vaccines with meaningful clinical efficacy.

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