A New Class of Immunotherapies

Everyone Deserves a Long and Healthy Life 

At IMV, we believe that everyone deserves effective cancer treatments that respect patients’ quality of life. Our unique DPX technology gives us the ability to create a new class of immunotherapy that generates targeted and long-lasting immune activation with limited side effects. With this unique ability, we are dedicated to improving cancer treatment and giving everyone a chance to enjoy a long and healthy life.  

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Our DPX Platform

Our DPX Platform

A Versatile Technology That Generates a Targeted, Robust and Sustained Immune Response

Thanks to its unique “no release” delivery system, our proprietary DPX delivery platform can be formulated with peptide antigens to induce a specific, robust, and sustained immune response. IMV is leveraging this mechanism of action to generate “first-in-class” T cell therapies for patients facing cancer. In the context of infectious diseases, the DPX™ platform can also be formulated with B cell epitopes to target virus’ specific regions like spike proteins of the SARS-CoV2.

Our Lead Candidate: maveropepimut-S

Our Lead Candidate: maveropepimut-S

One Immunotherapy to Tackle Both Solid and Hematologic Tumors

Our lead asset, maveropepimut-S (DPX-Survivac), is a T cell activating immunotherapy which combines the advantages of the DPX™ platform and the cancer antigen survivin. Maveropepimut-S generates in vivo a constant flow of T cells that target cancer cells expressing survivin, a promising tumor-associated target overexpressed in a high percentage of tumor types.

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