Bright Minds Pioneer Groundbreaking Discoveries

The challenge of our mission continuously reminds us of the life-changing impact our work can provide. When you join IMV, you become part of a team united by this challenge. We are committed to creating and developing DPX®-based-immunotherapies that are effective in treating cancer while preserving patients’ quality of life. We know this goal can only be achieved together.

We are an organization that is dedicated to empowering its employees. Each of our employees plays a unique role in furthering our mission and supporting our teams. In turn, we encourage our employees to learn, grow, develop and contribute.

Our Mission

Through the diversity of our people, quality of our science, and strategic partnerships, our mission is to push the boundaries of our novel immunotherapeutic platform to offer better and safer treatments for hematologic and solid cancers.

Our Culture

A Place Where You Can Shine

Changing the treatment landscape for cancer patients is challenging work and requires strong collaboration among various teams and expertise. Our people are our strongest asset. We embrace the unique competencies of all our employees and strive to create conditions that bring out the best in everyone. We work hard to improve ourselves, our organization, and our world, and we strive to support each other to achieve these common goals.

United Through Shared Values

We are united by our shared values through passion and belief. Passion for pushing the boundaries of our innovative immunotherapeutic platform. Belief that communication, collaboration, focus and integrity are the cornerstones of high-impact science, and an understanding that diversity of backgrounds, skills and perspectives enable us to achieve more.

This is the foundation of our culture, defining who we are and what we aspire to be. These values challenge us and guide us, lighting our path as we strive to make a difference in the world around us.

Our Values

We are communicators

Open communication is fundamental to scientific endeavors and productive work culture. We strive to keep colleagues in the loop, creating an environment that encourages others to communicate with honesty and respect.

We embrace our diversity

Our diversity makes us thrive. The unique histories, qualities and perspectives of our team members accelerate our learning and discovery. We strive to remove barriers to success. People of all backgrounds enrich and contribute to our mission.

We are passionate

The challenge of our mission continuously reminds us of the life-changing impact our work can provide. We are passionate about the questions we ask, the quality of answers we produce and the solutions that result.

We believe that progress begins with curiosity.

We are innovators

We inspire, empower and provide resources to foster innovative ideas and solutions. As life-long learners, we enjoy challenging situations and pursue solutions with curiosity, audacity and rigor.

We collaborate

Whether working individually or as part of a team, we actively share our knowledge to spark progress and creativity. We enable collaboration across disciplines, departments and perspectives. We value the contributions and insights of our colleagues and peers. We work as one team dedicated to IMV’s success.

We act with integrity

We hold each other to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct. We build trust, both inside and outside of IMV, by demonstrating honesty, authenticity and transparency.

We are focused

Our ground-breaking research has the potential to profoundly impact the lives of patients. We focus our energies, our efforts and our resources on strategically harnessing our research for the greatest benefit of the patients.

What Our Colleagues Have To Say

Danielle Evans-Whiting

Director, Contracts Administration

"I have been with IMV since nearly the beginning, and I have seen the Company grow and evolve tremendously over this last decade. Our current team is the strongest that I have ever seen, and it is a joy to come to work with such dedicated and enthusiastic individuals. While we are all working on our different projects and different pathways, at the end of the day, we are all able to work together for the good of the Company and, ultimately, the patients who will benefit from the work that we do."

Genevieve Weir, PhD

Director of Business Development

“I worked in the Research Team at IMV when it was a start-up company, and I participated in developing the science that laid the groundwork for our core technology. Returning to IMV in a Business Development role years later, with the objective of finding collaborations and advancing the science, has been greatly fulfilling. As the company grows it hasn’t lost the sense of engagement, inspiration and commitment that will lead to real solutions for cancer treatments.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

IMV is headquartered in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. We also have corporate offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Quebec City, Quebec.

We are pleased to provide a work environment that is adaptable. The vast majority of our employees work from home and are spread across North America. We provide flexibility that works for those roles that require them to be onsite more frequently in one of our locations.

Some of the specifics will depend on the position you are applying for, but we are always looking for dedicated and enthusiastic lifelong learners with a strong collaborative spirit and a passion for growth and development.

We invest in you. Benefits we offer our team include:

  • Competitive salaries
  • Bonus incentives and stock options
  • RRSP matching
  • Health and dental coverage for you and your family
  • Flexible vacation
  • Learning and development opportunities
  • Wellbeing incentives
  • Summer flex hours
  • Holiday shut-down in December
  • Colleagues that support your growth and success