The DPX™ Platform

DPX, A Fully Synthetic Delivery Platform

DPX, A Fully Synthetic Delivery Platform

Generating Targeted, Robust and Sustained Immune Responses

At IMV, we believe we have found the key to bolster and direct the power of human immunity against diseases. Our bodies are hardwired with an elegant way to combat serious diseases and our novel platform makes use of it by delivering instructions to the immune system in a way that enables robust, targeted, and long-lasting response against specific targets. 

Our proprietary technology is a unique “No-release” lipid-based delivery platform with no aqueous component in the final formulation. When administered, our formulation does not release components at the injection site, which allows it to continuously interact with and stimulate the immune system over an extended period of time. Thus, producing a more rapid, robust, and sustained immune response against specific disease targets.

Key Benefits of Our Powerful, Versatile Platform

We believe the method of delivering instructions to the human immune system is the differentiator that can create pivotal, sustained responses. Our DPX™ Platform has the potential to effectively deliver information that generates a target-specific immune response.

Our platform has multiple unique advantages over other immunotherapies.

  • Can safely increase the immune system’s exposure to practically any antigen.
  • Demonstrates a good safety profile and sustained immunological activity across all clinical trials in diverse cancer and infectious disease indications.
  • Can readily be combined with other immunotherapeutic approaches, including checkpoint inhibitors.
  • May need fewer administrations compared to other available immunotherapies, and some indications have the potential for single-dose effectiveness.
  • Have shown efficacy in vulnerable populations, like older adults and immune-compromised.

DPX-based products

  • are stored in dry form and reconstituted in oil for injection
  • have an extended shelf life
  • are simple to handle in a clinic setting (subcutaneous injection, no hospitalization)
  • are fully synthetic: relatively easy, fast and cost-effective to manufacture

How DPX Activates the Immune System

Our proprietary “No-release” platform can be formulated with peptide antigens to induce targeted, robust and sustained immune responses

Immune System

Step 1

Our platform, DPX, has advanced a new class of immunotherapies that can be leveraged in multiple diseases and markets. In a proprietary process, we encapsulate active ingredients within our patented delivery technology.

Step 2

DPX can accommodate a wide range of active ingredients and co-deliver them to immune cells in-vivo to generate new synthetic therapeutic capabilities.

Step 3

The formulation is freeze-dried, removing all traces of water, providing stable drug candidates. Active ingredients are completely solubilized in the oil formulation using a simple reconstitution procedure.

Step 4

The result: immunotherapies with a mechanism of action that directly accesses and programs immune cells, providing potential immune responses with a magnitude and duration that surpass other in vivo targeted cellular approaches.

Deployable for Diverse Diseases and Markets

Deployable for Diverse Diseases and Markets

Our ability to activate the human immune system in a powerful and precise way is promising for not only cancer but infectious diseases, allergic responses and more. Presently, we are working with multiple partners to develop a clinical asset pipeline outside of oncology.