DPX-RSV, a Vaccine to Address an Unmet Medical Need

Another Approach to Prophylactic Vaccines

DPX-RSV or DPX-RSV(A) is a DPX-based vaccine candidate targeting the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) strain A. The DPX platform is formulated with the SHe peptide of group A RSV. The small hydrophobic glycoprotein (SH) of RSV is a type II transmembrane protein that forms pentameric transmembrane pores in infected cells. It functions as a viral ion channel and might impact viral fusion.1

RSV is the leading cause of early childhood bronchiolitis and pneumonia worldwide and results in significant hospitalizations in infants, the elderly, and immunocompromised individuals. To date, no prophylactic RSV vaccine has been approved for clinical use and there is an increasing recognition of the unmet medical need for an effective RSV vaccine for older persons.2

IMV conducted a phase 1 clinical study has been conducted in Canada in respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). The study was conducted in healthy adults and a DPX-RSV candidate was developed to protect the elderly population from infection. The
results of this phase 1 study, completed in 2017, outlined that more than nine months after the last vaccination, 15 of 16 participants (93%) who received DPX-RSV demonstrated antigen-specific immune responses. DPX-RSV had a good safety profile and was well tolerated with no SAEs. One dose was tested out to one year and 100% of older adults (7/7 immune responders) maintained antigen-specific immune responses one year after receiving the booster dose. After one year, their antibody levels measured were still at peak with no sign of decrease. IMV is seeking a partner to continue the development of this product.

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A Vaccine Specifically Designed to Address RSV

DPX-RSV At-a-Glance

Safety and Long-Term Efficacy in Aged Adults

Our Phase 1 clinical trial in 50–64-year-old healthy adults demonstrated DPX-RSV to be safe and well tolerated and induced robust antigen-specific serum IgG responses that were sustained for more than a year. We saw a 100X increase of target antibody titers in all the subjects who receive a 0.025mg dose of the vaccine.1

Generates Robust Cellular and Humoral Immune Response

Our phase 1 clinical study demonstrated: a favorable isotype profile of SHe-specific antibodies, including IgG1, IgG3 and IgA, and cellular immune response that includes CD4+ T cell responses.2

Validation of DPX as a Useful Platform For Vaccination

Phase 1 clinical data also validate the application of the DPX technology in the infectious disease setting.

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Market Landscape for RSV

Respiratory Syncytial Virus

The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated RSV a high priority vaccine target.


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