Our Vision and Mission

At IMV, we are committed to creating and developing DPX®-based-immunotherapies that are effective in treating cancer while preserving patients’ quality of life.

Through the diversity of our people, the quality of our science, and our strategic partnerships, our mission is to push the boundaries of our novel immunotherapeutic platform to offer better treatments for hematologic and solid cancers.

One Technology to Bring Value to All Stakeholders

Our DPX® Delivery Platform

DPX is engineered to elicit an effective, long-lasting immune response. DPX is a versatile technology that can be formulated with a wide array of bioactive cargo including peptides, whole proteins, RNA, DNA, small molecules, and virus-like particles.

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Industry Partners

IMV’s mission is to push the boundaries of our novel DPX technology. Through partnership opportunities, we aim at creating DPX-enabled products and develop better and safer treatments for patients.

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We are a vibrant organization dedicated to fostering and energizing the creativity of our employees. Each of our employees plays a unique role in furthering our vision and supporting our mission. In turn, we encourage our employees to learn, grow, develop and contribute to make a difference in patients’ lives.

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IMV Inc. (Nasdaq, TSX: IMV) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing a novel class of cancer vaccines based on its novel delivery platform to offer better and safer treatment to patients while maximizing shareholder value. Several catalysts are expected in the coming months. See more details in the investor section.

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From Seals to Human Cancers

Our Story

The origin of our story is unique. The technology was first created to contracept a growing seal population that threatened Atlantic Canadian fisheries in the 1980's. The Canadian Ministry of Fisheries tasked researchers from Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia) to create a contraceptive vaccine that, with a single dose, could limit seal population growth. The success of this effort provided the foundation for today’s DPX delivery platform.

Our current DPX®️ delivery platform is based on that original technology, with important differences: the complete removal of water from the delivery system and the addition of specific immune stimulatory components. Our lead compound, maveropepimut-S (MVP-S), exemplifies the advantage that DPX offers. The peptides in MVP-S were previously evaluated in a conventional emulsion vaccine by Merck KGaA, showing limited clinical responses. These peptides were licensed from Merck KGaA and re-formulated in DPX. In numerous clinical trials, MVP-S has shown defined clinical benefit (complete response, partial responses, and durable stable disease) in solid and hematologic cancers.

The Company launched on the Toronto Venture Exchange in 2009 with the ticker designation, "IMV", followed by graduation to the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2014 and a NASDAQ listing and company name change to IMV Inc. in 2018.